Hire a drone pilot

Licence drone footage



We can get aerial shots for your wedding, event, promo video or for any other type of video. We are registered operators with the UK Civil Aviation Authority and we have full public liability insurance. Get in touch for hire prices.


CAA and insurance documentation can be provided upon request.


T&C apply. Subject to suitable flying conditions/wind on the day of filming. Subject to filming conditions and locations adhering to all CAA regulations.

Need an aerial view within your own video? We have lots of drone footage of the local region that can be licenced in up to 4K quality. See the example aerial footage of Derby city in the video below and get in touch for licence fees.


Single use, multi project and exclusive rights licences available.


T&C apply. Usage will be monitored so please respect the limitation of a single use licence.

The above is uploaded in 720p quality to YouTube. Available in 1080p or 4K following purchase of a licence.