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Winners of the Vidsaga Best UK Product Video Production Company award, Glowfrog provide greenscreen filming for businesses across the UK.  

Vidsaga Best in the UK Gold Colour Award | Glowfrog Video Production
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Our Greenscreen Video Production Approach

Greenscreen is a well-established tool which allows for background replacement when creating product videos and corporate talking heads videos.


It's a great option for some of our clients, particularly those for whom we produce corporate talking heads videos as we can place the person into any environment of their choosing and make the business appear larger scale and more dynamic to the viewers. We can create any look, style and feel that you wish, to ensure that the video ties in perfectly with your brand and appeals to your target audience.

We also use greenscreen for lots of our product video production, which is our area of particular expertise. We believe in the highest standards of videography.

If you are interested in greenscreen video production or bluescreen video production in Derby and Nottingham, contact Glowfrog today.

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Our Greenscreen Video Examples

English Electric: Product Promotion

English Electric: Product Promotion

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Greenscreen Product Video
Greenscreen Corporate Video
Greenscreen Video Production 

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