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10 Best Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

In the digital age, video marketing is the most effective method for increasing your visibility and for generating interest in your company. Video is the best and most direct way to convey a succinct message about your brand, product or service; while also being an incredibly profitable method of marketing. Here we take a look at ten big reasons to adopt high-quality video into your company's advertising.

1) Great return on investment

The returns on your investment in this form of marketing will be determined by the quality of your videos and how effectively your message is conveyed. In a survey, 86% of marketing professionals reported that they used video as a marketing tool - 78% of which considered videos to be responsible for a direct increase in sales.[1] Those people invested in making high quality videos with a production company. It’s easy to assume that it isn’t worth the money to hire a professional video company and that using your phone could be a good, cheaper alternative. However, counterintuitively, it will cost more in the long-term and hurt your bottom line if you make business videos on a phone. This is because you will - perhaps unknowingly - be putting out content that looks relatively amateur, which reflects badly on your brand and may lead viewers to choose a competitor that appears more professional in their video advertising.

Investing in high quality videos could be the trigger for considerable growth in your company and provide a fantastic ROI. Whatsmore, it’s possible for a single video to generate new leads for years and years after it has been uploaded, as we’ll discuss later in this article…

2) Videos help your business reach and engage with new customers

Online video advertising has a much greater reach than text-based content or still images and studies show that 80% of customers begin their ‘customer journey’ by watching branded videos on YouTube.[2]

This demonstrates the effectiveness of video marketing. Most consumers are much more likely to respond to a visual campaign which is presented in a professional manner. Additionally, videos can show potential customers the ‘face’ of your business and therefore help to ‘humanise’ your brand, which instills trust.

3) Videos will improve your ranking on search engines

Video marketing massively enhances your SEO (search engine optimisation). Embedding videos into your website will improve your company's ranking on search engine results pages, because videos are a proven way of increasing ‘dwell time’. Google tracks how long your website visitors stick around for – or ‘dwell’ - and ranks your site higher if it keeps people engaged for an above average amount of time. Embedding long-form videos into your site is probably the most effective way to keep website visitors engaged, with 80% of marketers reporting that video has increased ‘dwell time’ on their site.[3]

4) Video marketing provides a clearer explanation of how your business/product works

Unlike other forms of media, such as still images and plain text, video requires very little effort on the part of the consumer to extract the information they want about your product or service. Video is naturally much clearer, more stimulating and more easily digestible. This makes it the preferred way to learn about a product or service for most consumers. According to studies, 94% of consumers watch explanation videos to better understand a product or brand, and 84% of those decided to make a purchase after viewing.[3]

5) Video marketing boosts sales and conversions

Potential customers are much more likely to buy a product or service if they can see it in action and video is the only way you can provide people with this option from a distance. Demonstrating how your product/service can improve their life and allowing them to put a face to your company gives you the edge over other companies that aren’t creating video content. One source discovered that, unsurprisingly, around 8 in every 10 professional marketing videos has a positive impact on conversion rates and sales figures.[4]

6) Videos can persuade buyers who are unsure

The pace of contemporary life means that often consumers don't have time to read product descriptions and endlessly click through FAQ's. If they are unsure as to whether to buy your product or service, video will help you relay the benefits of selecting your company, in a way which bypasses any hard work on their part and directly connects face to face with them. Using video marketing, you can pre-emptively address any questions about your product or service and do so in a way which will keep audiences engaged and interested in your business. More than 60% of marketers have reported that their customer acquisition has increased as a direct result of video marketing.[3]

7) Lots of other companies are making the most of video marketing

Due to the effectiveness of videos hosted on social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, studies show that video advertisements are much more likely to appeal to a modern day audience. There has reportedly been a 63% increase in the use of video marketing as the primary form of promotion for businesses.[5]

This means that the majority of companies are using slick, well produced and professional video marketing – so if you don’t, your company is at a serious disadvantage. Don’t get left behind. Video is not only a great means to inform people about what differentiates your brand from the competition, but you actually need to be posting great videos to even get noticed amongst the competition.

8) Videos can last forever

Once a video is uploaded online, it can remain there forever. This means that, when consumers are searching for relevant terms, your video will continue to feature in the search results for years to come.

Your videos will be continuously suggested to those looking for products/services that you can provide them with, which is another reason why video marketing provides great ROI. Usually, video views steadily increase over time, allowing the algorithm to pick up your video and suggest it to new potential customers and continuously generate new leads, without further investment on your end.

9) You can see the direct impact of a video marketing campaign for yourself

When implementing a marketing strategy, you want to be able to measure the effectiveness of your campaign and video marketing is incredibly easy to analyse. Using analytics found in the YouTube Studio, for example, you can directly see the success of your video with the number of views it has received and the number of click-throughs to your website. This allows you to monitor the number of customers who have taken direct action after viewing your video. These metrics are just nowhere near as easy to obtain with other types of marketing such as print advertising, so it’s another win for video.

10) Social media platforms prioritise video content more than ever before

Largely due to the rapid rise of TikTok, social media platforms are focusing more on video content over other forms of media. For example, Instagram now encourages users to post video ‘Reels’ rather than still images, and ensures that Reels have the greatest reach within their platform.

This is because videos are much more powerful when it comes to spreading information. While traditional media forms such as magazines and newspapers decline, video marketing remains an incredible tool for promotion. Start implementing high-quality videos within your marketing strategies. Scroll down and complete the short form – we’ll help you to discover the best video style, content and placement for your business, with a free no-pressure consultation.

Sources: 1. 2. 3. Hubspot 4. 5.


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