2 Top Tips for Growing Your Business

Generating new business is important if you want success and particularly if you are looking for growth. But this can prove to be extremely challenging. Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, it’s always a good idea to plan for the future to ensure that new leads and sales are going to come to fruition. In fact, assuming you are aware of the ‘sales funnel’, most people take at least a few days if not weeks to travel through the funnel and switch from being vaguely interested in your product or service to actually going ahead and buying it. So, you really do need to think ahead. This involves being proactive today in your decisions and strategies, to ensure success tomorrow. Here are just two of the best examples of how you might be proactive and improve your chances of generating new business.

1. Provide information in the quickest, easiest way… Did you know that 96% of visitors to your website are not actually in a position where they’re ready to buy yet? You need to persuade them – and quickly. The fastest way to present information on a product or service has to be video advertising. Professional videos can explain about a product or service rapidly, compared with forcing the potential customer to read a hefty paragraph of information.

Videos can also inform more clearly than plain text, through the use of relevant images, diagrams and voiceover explanation. They’re also generally considered an easier-to-digest format of information – the person need only sit back and watch the video, as opposed to having to read a chunk of text. Think about it – would you rather spend 5 minutes reading an essay about the product and trying to understand it, or 2 minutes being shown exactly what it is that makes the product so good? The answer is clear - you need marketing videos on your website and social media.

You do of course need to ensure the quality of your videos is of a high standard to ensure that the potential customer has trust in your company and believes you are reputable, so it’s always best to hire a professional video production company. Glowfrog Video Production based in the East Midlands offer the lowest prices in the region. (www.glowfrogvideo.com) 2. An often overlooked tip for SEO… SEO, standing for search engine optimisation, is what determines whether you are ranked highly on Google or not. There are all manner of websites with tips for improving your website’s SEO, including well-considered use of keywords, but a really great tip that’s sometimes overlooked is to embed a video on as many of your webpages as possible. Google loves video – statistics from 2018 show that Google is around 53 times more likely to rank your website highly if there’s an embedded video on it… Yes, 53 times more! And by now, that multiplier is even higher.

Having a video embedded in your website means visitors are likely to spend longer on your site, too, because they are sitting back watching the video without leaving the site. Google monitors this and automatically ranks websites higher if people spend more time on them.

It’s therefore essential to embed professional videos wherever possible. Click here to learn more about embedding videos.