3 Marketing MISTAKES to Avoid!

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Common mistakes that can kill your brand!

1. Creating social media pages just because you think you should

There’s an assumption amongst business owners that a Facebook page is a must-have. “Everyone else is doing it, so I will too” is a common subconscious thought. Similarly, people believe that social media is the way to go because it’s “the latest trick”. You then go ahead and create not only a Facebook page, but also an account with Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube. It takes up hours and hours of your valuable time. Your first post gets 1 like and no leads and you wonder why. Does this sound familiar? The reason why it didn’t work is you didn’t sit down to create a clear and well-considered social media marketing strategy. Before you create a social media platform or create another post, consider the following questions… Have you thought about how you’re going to reach people through social media? They’re unlikely to just find your page. And less than 0.2% of people go out of their way to search for and follow your company just because they saw your Facebook username in your store or on a company vehicle or elsewhere. If you want to gain a significant enough following on any social media platform such that it actually becomes a worthwhile investment of your time and effort, you’re going to have to pump a large amount of money into any given platform. For example, paying Facebook to ‘boost’ your posts. Even then, you may get a following from the wrong type of people, or indeed still struggle to get your content to show up on potential customers’ feeds. Yes, virtually every other company like yours has various types of social media, but it’s for this reason that it’s so competitive and difficult to reach your target audience – you’re another fish in a very much overpopulated ocean. Your best chance of competing is by ‘boosting’ or ‘promoting’ posts and by having regular, high quality content that, crucially, is actually going to be interesting to potential customers. That brings us onto the next thing to consider… Do you have the right kind of content to post on your chosen social media platform(s)? It’s no good setting up a YouTube channel if you don’t know how to make professional quality videos or can’t afford to make them regularly (such as weekly). It’s unwise to create an Instagram if you don’t know how to take good quality photographs (nor have the time to post them regularly, nor have the money to ‘boost’ or ‘promote’ them.) Do you have anything truly interesting to say or show, that could engage potential customers? If not, you can’t expect people to do anything other than immediately scroll past your post. Another important consideration that people often overlook is, do you really have the time to post regularly? You presumably have a lot on your plate with the day to day running of your company as it stands, so what can you give up doing, to make time for social media management? If the answer is anything like “not very much”, then you’re probably going to need a social media marketing manager – another cost, on top of the money you’re paying on the platforms to be able to reach your desired audience. Or don’t do this, and allow your pages to be updated rarely, as and when you find the time to post something – but then discover how poorly your posts will perform. Not only will they reach very few people, but your overall brand image can also be damaged by posting infrequently. Someone could stumble across your Instagram, for example, see that your last post was 3 months ago, and assume you’re no longer trading. Consider (or re-consider) your intentions and expectations with social media. It could be a huge distraction for you and a really bad investment of your time and energy if you cannot find solutions to the problems mentioned above. Come up with a solid strategy before you post anything else on your pages.

2. Failing to consider your overall brand positioning

Are you known as a luxury brand, or low cost? Is your product/service wanted by the masses, or more niche? Are you known because of heritage, or a unique design, or a specific process? Do you have a certain type of customer? Standing out from the crowd and creating room for your brand to grow requires consideration of your ‘brand positioning’ within the marketplace. It’s vital to your marketing strategy and you can save huge cost and effort by knowing your positioning – those companies who don’t know their positioning often find they have to tweak their branding style or message with every new launch of a product, or with every passing year. They market single products, without first thinking about how their brand is perceived. They then find themselves having to ‘start over’ each time they do a new marketing campaign, which costs time, money, and effort. Sit down today and think through your ‘brand positioning’ and how you’ll tie your future marketing efforts in to it. By the end of the year, you may look back and think this was the best thing you did. This will also, inevitably, play a vital role in whatever decisions you take regarding your social media strategy.

3. Using poor quality video content

Some business owners think that any video about their company is better than no video at all, but do not fall into this trap. Do not accept just any video as being good enough. Anyone can record a video on their phone, or with a cheap camcorder. Do you really want to associate your brand with videos that look “home made”? That might be the style you’re going for and, if so, that’s fair enough – but for the majority of businesses this will only damage your brand and, in turn, your sales. If you want your brand to be perceived positively, then your marketing videos need to be high quality. It needn’t cost the earth to have professional videos made, they are much more affordable nowadays thanks to a company called Glowfrog Video Production. They’re based in Derby and cover all of the UK. Specialising in marketing videos specifically, they also have the lowest prices in the East Midlands. Find out for yourself using the instant price estimator or call 01332 492 465 to discuss your requirements.