3 Ways to Screw Up Your Branding

Here are three easy oversights you could make that will destroy your public image, without you even realising it.

1. Using poor quality videos If you aren’t hiring a professional to create your marketing videos, chances are they look a lot more ‘home made’ than you realise, which has a negative impact on your branding and public image. If you want your brand to appear as high quality, trustworthy and reputable, the last thing you want is for an amateur video to be associated with your company. Glowfrog Video Production based in the East Midlands are specialists in producing quality marketing videos that deliver the results you want, for very low cost compared to other production companies.

2. Using poor quality images Equally, a professional photographer should be hired whenever possible, so that your images are of a high standard. We’re assuming you don’t want to associate anything about your brand with low quality, so why would you use self-taken pictures? It’s a sure-fire way to make your brand seem small and unprofessional. Glowfrog also offer professional photography, either on-location or in their studio. It’s well worth considering, before you take another snap on your phone and upload it.

3. Not knowing your positioning Are you known as a luxury brand, or low cost? Is your product/service wanted by the masses, or more niche? Are you known because of heritage, or a unique design, or a specific process? Do you have a certain type of customer? Standing out from the crowd and creating room for your brand to grow requires consideration of your ‘brand positioning’ within the marketplace. It’s vital to your marketing strategy and you can save huge cost and effort by knowing your positioning – those companies who don’t know their positioning often find they have to tweak their branding style or message with every new launch of a product, or with every passing year. They market single products, without first thinking about how their brand is perceived. They then find themselves having to ‘start over’ each time they do a new marketing campaign, which costs time, money, and effort. Sit down today and think through your ‘brand positioning’ and how you’ll tie your future marketing efforts in to it. By the end of the year, you may look back and think this was the best thing you did. Failing to understand your brand positioning is one of the quickest ways to screw up your public perception.