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6 Reasons to Hire a Video Production Company in 2023

With video now being the most popular digital marketing tool, your company’s video content needs to be as professional as you want to appear - not only to impress customers and create sales, but also to keep up with your competitors. There is a direct correlation between the quality of your video marketing and how well customers perceive your business. Video marketing is becoming more and more essential, so it’s important to do it well in 2023. Here are some big reasons why you should consider hiring a professional video production company to promote your company effectively.

Staying relevant Over the last few years, there has been a 63% increase in the number of businesses that use video as their primary form of promotion.[1] If you aren’t keeping up with your competitors and staying relevant by posting slick, well-produced videos, your company is at a serious disadvantage. Video is not only a great means to inform people about why they should buy your products or services, but you now actually need to be posting great videos to even get noticed amongst the competition. Don’t get left behind. To achieve high quality, you should really consider a production company. Cost benefit It’s easy to assume that it isn’t worth the money to hire a professional video company, when you consider that filming on a phone doesn’t cost you anything. But it actually costs a lot more than you think. Your 'homemade' looking videos are damaging your company’s image and reputation, ultimately affecting your bottom line when potential customers look elsewhere and buy from a competitor who seem more professional in their videos. Investing in high quality video marketing could be the trigger for big growth in your company this year. Great return on investment Your ROI for this form of marketing will be determined by the quality of your videos and how effectively your message is conveyed. In a survey, 86% of marketing professionals reported that they used video as a marketing tool - 78% of which considered videos to be responsible for a direct increase in sales.[2] Those marketers are the ones who invested in making high quality videos with a production company, rather than those who tried to cut corners by filming on a phone. Let’s look at a representative example to illustrate the ROI you might achieve. If your average sale is £30 and the promotional video is seen by 20,000 potential customers, just a 3% conversion rate would create sales of £18,000. Considering that a professionally produced marketing video might cost around £1,000 to create and another £1,000 to promote – that’s an irresistible return on investment. This is why so many marketers are hiring professional video production companies. Of course, you may be promoting a more expensive item, or your conversion rate could be higher or lower, so results vary - but you can usually generate a lot of extra revenue with a professionally-made promo video.

Boost your sales Seeing your product in action, or a video about how your service works, makes potential customers much more likely to buy. Video is naturally much more enticing and engaging for a viewer, as compared with still images. Unsurprisingly, around 8 in every 10 professional marketing videos have a positive impact on conversion rates and sales figures.[3] In fact, your website visitors are 85% more likely to buy after watching a high-quality sales video.[4]

Professional videography If you want your company to appear professional and win more sales through video marketing, there is absolutely no reason why you should be filming on a phone. Attempting to film on a phone leads to a ‘homemade’ and amateur look, especially if the person filming has little to no knowledge of professional videography. This in turn presents your company as amateur, small or unprofessional. If you have the equipment that a video production company uses and you know how to use it, you can get the best quality videos. Even the greatest phone camera will struggle to compete with professional filming equipment. Unsteady shots, fake depth of field, wrong frame rates, noise, uncontrolled focus shifting, bad quality audio. These are just some of the issues that top gear and knowledge can overcome – meaning your videos will be more effective and pleasing for customers to watch. Lighting is a hugely underestimated part of creating a professional image and is almost never utilised correctly by an amateur. You can’t expect to get good lighting with just the room lights turned on. In professional videography, multiple specialist lights are placed at precise angles and strengths to create a flattering, filmic and controlled image. Such lights often cost upwards of £1000 each. Hiring a video production company means you don’t have to buy any lights or learn any lighting techniques. You want your company to appear professional in your video marketing, so quality lighting equipment and knowledge is an absolute must. Similarly, sound quality is really important if you want your company to appear professional and appealing to customers. It's been said so many times that audio can make or break a video. Even if you have an excellent looking image, if it’s accompanied by poor sound, viewers will rarely stick around. Microphone positioning, gain, compression and mixing – these are just some of the factors that contribute to high quality audio. A video production company has the equipment and knowledge to ensure your video not only looks fantastic, but sounds great too - taking away the stress of having to study audio production and buy your own equipment. Another often underestimated factor in producing professional videos is the amount of time and expertise required for editing. Post production often takes a lot longer than the filming itself and requires years of practice to become highly skilled at. The video is ultimately a presentation of your company, so the editing needs to be superb. You can see, therefore, how hiring a company with professional videography skills is a must if you want your video marketing to be effective.

Effective time management We’ve only covered a few aspects in this article but you can already get the sense that a lot of time goes into producing great video marketing content. We haven’t even discussed all that must be done pre-production (before the camera starts rolling). With time at such a premium in our fast moving business world, just the fact you can save so much of it is a fundamental reason why you should hire a video production company. You can free yourself to focus on other aspects of your business, while professionals deal with your video marketing. Which video production company should I choose? There are many to choose from, but it’s wise to hire a video production company that specialises in video marketing and corporate videography, such as Glowfrog. This way, you know they have the skills necessary to do an effective job for your business. You can get a free, no obligation consultation just by filling in the short form below.

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