• Matt Middleton

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Video Production Company in 2022

Updated: Mar 13

If you want your company to appear professional and win more sales through video marketing, there is absolutely no reason why you should be reaching for a smartphone to record on. These ‘homemade’ videos, produced by people with little to no knowledge of video production techniques, look amateur and therefore present your company as amateur, small or unprofessional. With video being the most popular digital marketing tool, your video content needs to be as professional as you want to appear - not only to impress customers and create sales, but also to keep up with your competitors. In a nutshell, hiring a production company ensures high quality and takes away the stress of trying to create professional looking videos. But if you’re looking for more reasons why you should hire a video production company in 2022, consider these factors:

Cost benefit

It’s easy to assume that it isn’t worth the money to hire a professional video company, when you consider that filming on your phone doesn’t cost anything. But it does cost you. Your homemade looking videos are costing your company’s image and reputation, ultimately affecting your bottom line when potential customers look elsewhere and buy from a competitor who seems more professional in their video marketing. Investing in high quality videos could be the trigger for big growth in your company this year.


If you own a smartphone, you can record videos. If you have professional equipment and know how to use it, you can get the best quality videos. Even the latest iPhone will struggle to compete with professional filming equipment. Unsteady shots, fake depth of field, wrong frame rates, noise, uncontrolled focus shifting, bad quality audio. These are just some of the issues that top gear can overcome – meaning your videos will be more effective and more pleasing for customers to watch. If you haven’t got the right equipment and knowledge, you're probably wasting your time making your own videos, as they are actually damaging your company’s appearance. Hiring a video production company alleviates all of this.


Lighting is a hugely underestimated part of creating a professional image. Do not expect to get good lighting with just the room lights turned on. In professinal videography, multiple lights are placed at precise angles to create a realistic yet controlled image that makes everything 'pop'. Do you know how many lights to use? Or where to place them? Or which lights they should be? Or how they interact with the camera? Hiring a video production company means you don’t have to buy any lights or learn any of this. You want your company to appear professional in your video marketing, so quality lighting equipment and knowledge is an absolute must.


It's been said so many times that sound quality can make or break a video. Even if you have an excellent looking image, if it’s accompanied by poor sound, viewers will rarely stick around. Microphones built in to smartphones, or even digital cameras, nearly always produce low quality audio. ‘Lavalier’ and ‘shotgun’ are the most typical microphones that a video production company will use, but it isn’t just a case of buying them and switching them on. Positioning, gain, power, background noise, noise floors, compression and mixing – these are all further factors that you would need to learn about if you wanted to try and create your own professional grade videos with good quality audio. A video production company will ensure that your video sounds fantastic, so you won't have to study audio production and buy your own gear.

Post production

In professional videography, another factor that clients often underestimate is the amount of time and expertise required after the camera has finished recording. Reviewing footage, splicing, colour grading, audio syncing, transitions, timing, animating titles and logos – this barely gets us started on the list of what must be done during the editing process. Post production often takes a lot longer than the filming itself and requires years of practice to become highly skilled at. If any of the vital editing steps are missed out, it can make the final product seem cheaper and not as appealing to watch. The video is ultimately a representation of your company, so if you want your company to appear top quality, your video must also be top quality - which means it has to be edited professionally. If you don’t know how to do this, you can hire a video production company to deal with it for you.


We’ve only covered a few aspects in this article but you can already get the sense that a lot of time goes into producing great video marketing content. We haven’t even discussed all that must be done pre-production (before the camera starts rolling). To create a professional video on your own would not only mean spending lots of time actually making the video, but even more time learning the necessary skills beforehand. With time at such a premium in our fast moving business world, just the fact you can save so much of it is a fundamental reason why you should hire a video production company. This also ties in with the point about 'cost benefit' - hiring a video production company allows you to focus on other aspects of your business, while professionals deal with your video marketing.

If you're interested in creating new video content in 2022, chat to one of our team today to see how we can help you.

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