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Do I Need Video Testimonials? How Video Testimonials Help Your Business

A testimonial is an ideal way to convey genuine customer experiences which in turn will garner the interest of potential future customers and clients.

However, a video testimonial goes one step further and helps to humanise the brand, making them an incredibly effective form of marketing. Testimonial videos can really help customers connect to your brand on a deeper level.

Brand personality and visibility

A video testimonial can make your brand so much more memorable and personal to customers and will mean that your brand is the first to come to mind when selecting a product or service. You can portray the personality of your brand and help differentiate your company from competitors through the medium of video much more effectively. In the process you can have a greater control over your brand's image and convey a much clearer message.

An interesting video testimonial can grab the attention of customers and maintain that interest. Not only does it inform your potential customers about your company, it also allows future customers to see what others think about your company and their individual experience.

In terms of visibility, video testimonials are reportedly 12 times more likely to be shared than text based content [3]. This casts a wider net for audience reach and

allows your company to reach larger markets. A video also has a 95% higher retention rate vs. standard text testimonials. [3]

Trust and credibility

If you have an engaging video, this can convey a message in a much more accessible way. It allows customers to see genuine customer satisfaction and emotion as opposed to a write up review. Seeing a face to face testimonial like this can build faith in your brand much more effectively. 72% of consumers say a positive testimonial increases their trust in a business. [2]

This also immediately generates more credibility for your organisation as an unscripted, word of mouth testimonial is a much more genuine approach to marketing. It isn't a quote listed as text, it's a real person informing others about their experience in a direct manner. It illustrates what customers have gained from using your products and services and how they can benefit from using your business.

Putting a face to your brand

If customers can see that real people use your service or product and that there are real people behind your organisation this can really help people relate to your company. It can give them a good reason to choose you over a brand which doesn't have that personal touch. Studies show that 2 out of 3 people are more likely to choose your brand after seeing a video testimonial. [1]

Displaying emotion and connecting to your brand

A video testimonial is a great way to show someone with a genuine enthusiasm and passion for your product or service and is a perfect way to reach out to new customers. An emotional connection can allow customers to really believe you are sincere and that your product or service is better than the competition because of the genuine reaction.

Facial expressions, tone of voice, legitimacy and personal emotion all play a role if you choose to post your testimonials in video format, which is hugely influential when potential customers are making choices.

Video testimonials can improve reach and help create an authentic and personal image for your brand. They can also generate trust and credibility in your brand and convey a message in a direct and clear manner. Customers can put a face to your brand and in an age where video marketing is a such an effective tool, it testimonial videos are one of the best ways for your business to cultivate interest and a loyal and satisfied customer base. If you would like to enquire about producing video testimonials for your company, please complete the short form below...

Sources: 1. TrustMary.com 2. Boast.io 3. Webdew.com

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