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Choose a video style

Choose a video style for your video marketing and business video strategy. Based in Derby, we are an expert video company and we produce various video styles depending on your preference. Choose a style below, or contact us if you have something else in mind.


This is quite similar to a TV advert. The video focuses on the lifestyle and ambitions of your potential customer, while the editing style makes it very engaging. Featuring close-up product shots to achieve an effective soft-sell technique, a Lifestyle video works everywhere (social media, YouTube pre-roll, your website).


Great for service businesses and testimonials. If viewers can see you while you speak about your product or service, they will think you’re more trustworthy, relatable and knowledgeable. These factors help your video to convert those viewers into buyers.


With so much competition for attention on YouTube, it's vital that you have high quality video production. This helps you to stand out and makes viewers think that your service or product must be similarly high quality. We visit your premises and shoot multiple episodes at the same time, so you get great value for money.


A tutorial video like this provides valuable information to potential customers, meaning more people are likely to watch your video. They’re also naturally more engaged by this style of video, so audience retention is easier to achieve. You can adopt either a soft-sell or hard-sell approach with this type of video.


Overview videos are usually more of a hard-sell that show-off your business and services. They're great for audiences that are already interested and need that push over the line to make an enquiry, as a video like this will make you look a superior choice as opposed to enquiring with your competitors. Great for websites.

+ 3D Graphics

An overview video like above but with the addition of 3D motion graphics, for that extra touch of class.


A highly visual style, well suited to promoting products on social media and YouTube pre-roll adverts, as they grab the viewer's attention from the very start. These are filmed in a studio and bring your product to life with special effects. It works for any kind of product and particularly well with small size products.

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