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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is highly important to us and we take our obligation regarding the protection of your personal information very seriously. We are committed to shielding your personal information and to being wholly transparent about the information we store about you and what we do with it. Your data is securely stored. This policy applies whether in an EU member state or not.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Policy

From the 25th of May 2018 the DPA (Data Protection Act) is changing to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The essence of this change is about bringing legislation up-to-date and making your online data choices clearer.

Legitimate Interests

While data we gather has been gathered in compliance with DPA and/or GDPR legislation, it is important to note that all contact from Glowfrog Video Production will also be considered a ‘legitimate interest’, for example, relevant video production information, new pricing information. For more information, see Recital 47 below.

Recital 47 Overriding legitimate interest  (This title is an unofficial description.)

1. The legitimate interests of a controller, including those of a controller to which the personal data may be disclosed, or of a third party, may provide a legal basis for processing, provided that the interests or the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject are not overriding, taking into consideration the reasonable expectations of data subjects based on their relationship with the controller.

2. Such legitimate interest could exist for example where there is a relevant and appropriate relationship between the data subject and the controller in situations such as where the data subject is a client or in the service of the controller.

3. At any rate the existence of a legitimate interest would need careful assessment including whether a data subject can reasonably expect at the time and in the context of the collection of the personal data that processing for that purpose may take place.

4. The interests and fundamental rights of the data subject could in particular override the interest of the data controller where personal data are processed in circumstances where data subjects do not reasonably expect further processing.

5. Given that it is for the legislator to provide by law for the legal basis for public authorities to process personal data, that legal basis should not apply to the processing by public authorities in the performance of their tasks.

6. The processing of personal data strictly necessary for the purposes of preventing fraud also constitutes a legitimate interest of the data controller concerned.

7. The processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes may be regarded as carried out for a legitimate interest.

Data we may collect

We only collect personal data that is necessary. For example but not exhaustive; to make an enquiry with us we need to know your business details and who to contact within that business as well as your contact information such as phone number and email address and physical address should a consultation be requested or offered as well as other personal information which may pertain to a necessary aspect of the video production enquiry or the video production itself in order to create a satisfactory video and product. We never collect personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, or data concerning a natural person's sex life or sexual orientation. We make every reasonable effort to ensure data we hold or have documented does not risk the freedoms and rights of individuals. We are likely to require all or some of the following listed types of personal or business information:

Name and Address – Required for invoicing and possible in-person consultation at either a residential or business address and/or when necessary due to filming happening at the address provided as well as possibly for sending completed work on a physical storage device to you by postal service.

Phone Number - Used by Glowfrog Video Production for example to contact a client to discuss a particular aspect of their video production project.

Email Address – Required to send estimates, invoices, files pertaining to the video production project, answer any questions or enquiries, provide information about any offers we occasionally provide to clients, provide clients with relevant news. You can opt out of certain communications, see ‘opt out’ below.

Bank Account Details – If necessary we may store bank account details if for example you are our supplier and we are making regular payments via standing order or direct debit or otherwise. We typically do not store bank account details of our clients although there is no guarantee this will not be necessary in certain instances. Such details if stored are stored securely.

Social Media – Optional – If you decide to connect with us on social media such as Instagram or LinkedIn then we may see the details that you have decided to share on the associated social media platform. Should you wish to change those settings please look at your privacy settings on the relevant social media platform.

How we collect information

We only collect information given to us by our clients or those persons that decide to give information. We do not obtain information from third parties except in the case of where we may be researching potential new clients via a search engine such as Google with the aim of contacting such potential new clients to offer video production services in which case we may obtain basic and publicly available information about a business such as the business name, business address, business phone number, business email address, and name of the relevant contact within the business, to enable us to make an enquiry about possible video production.

Who do we share your personal data with?

There are occasions when we have to share your personal data with third parties, such as your name and address should we need to post a physical storage device to you via a courier. Below is a full list of trusted third-party companies we work with, who we may share your personal data with, depending on how you make an enquiry or require delivery of your finished video or associated files or how you make payment. Some examples of third parties we may necessarily share your details with are as follows:

  • Delivery Services - DX, DHL, Royal Mail and other carriers we may use at any time – Name, Address and Phone Number. These details are required to successfully deliver physical storage devices to your chosen address if and when necessary.

  • PayPal - Name, Address, Phone, Email & Credit/Debit Card Details. We offer clients the option to pay us via Paypal which is considered one of the most trustworthy ways of sending payments online. These details are required to take payment of invoices if paid via PayPal. You can learn more about PayPal here:

  • Accounting – Rhys Hickman, Derby - Necessary to record accounting practice according to HMRC.

  • Overdue monies collection – Solicitors that we use to collect overdue invoices.

  • Law enforcement agencies/Government departments – only if legally required to do so.

  • Customer Service - Businesses that interact with Glowfrog Video Production where necessary if our assistance is required.

  • Press/publications – For example East Midlands Business Link, Bauer Media, where necessary for example in case of a particular client being associated with an advertising plan which would be agreed beforehand.

  • Trade References – Upon request to the company requesting information we may share your name and business details and trading history details.

  • Banks – Nationwide necessary for making refunds/payments by BACS.


For how long will we keep your personal data?

We’ll only keep your data for as long as it is necessary for the purpose it was collected for. For example when you begin a video production project with us we’ll keep your data for a minimum of 10 years. This is to allow us to comply with legal obligations and to make reordering for any returning clients easier. We’ll only store your name, address, contact details, order history, copy identification where necessary and account history.


How we protect your personal data

We know how important security is to all our clients and we treat all data with the upmost care. For example the only time Glowfrog Video Production systems and staff require credit or debit card details are for payments made over the phone which at the time of writing this policy is not actually an available way of paying but may become so in the future. In such instances your credit or debit card details would never be stored on our systems. We continually evaluate our policies to ensure your data is treated with most respect and care.

How you can protect your personal data

When ordering online it is important to consider what security you have for your computer or tablet or other device as many data breaches online can be related to an infected device rather than the website you are visiting being at fault. We’d advise anyone ordering online to consider the following before giving any company their personal information;

  • Only use the internet if you have an antivirus and firewall package installed.

  • Only purchase a well-known security package from companies. Make sure your firewall is active before browsing the web.

  • Regularly run your antivirus.

  • Before entering any details on a website, make sure the website connection is over “https://” and look for the display of a padlock in the browser window.

  • If you have any concerns call the company you are purchasing from and express your concerns or check in other ways that the company is bonafide.


What are your rights over your personal data?

Even though Glowfrog Video Production holds the absolute minimum data required to process an order and operate our business under the law, you have the right to request:

  • Access to the personal data we hold about you.

  • Correction of any personal data that is incorrect or out of date.

  • ‘Opt out’ to request not to receive information or email from us and for us to delete information we hold. Under certain circumstances Glowfrog Video Production can refuse to erase data. For example but not exhaustive, data which relates to the following:

  • To comply with a legal obligation for the performance of a public interest or exercise of official authority.

  • To support legal claims.

You can contact at any time to request to exercise these rights by contacting

How do I make a complaint about Glowfrog Video Production?


If you have any concern about how Glowfrog Video Production uses your data, please contact us using the following methods:

  • Post: Data Protection Officer, Glowfrog Video Production, Riverside Chambers, Full Street, Derby, DE1 3AF

  • Email:

If, after that, you feel our reply wasn’t satisfactory, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

If you are based outside the UK, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant data protection in your country. Please contact your government’s official website to find the appropriate complaint procedure.

Any Questions?


If you have any questions about the above, please contact us directly;

  • Post: Data Protection Officer, Glowfrog Video Production, Riverside Chambers, Full Street, Derby, DE1 3AF

  • Email:

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We will constantly review our policies and will update as we believe necessary from time to time.



You are agreeing to our T&C and/or privacy policies by trading with/buying from us or contacting us in any format asking for us to note your personal details for a valid purpose.

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