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Video production services for businesses.

Glowfrog provide everything you need for video marketing success - including strategy, pre-production, filming, post-production and delivery.

Vidsaga Best UK Corporate Video Production Award
VPA Award Best in Midlands
pain points

Pain points we can solve.

You need to acquire new customers.  

High quality videos can significantly increase engagement and conversions, especially when they have an irresistible call-to-action. 


You want better search engine rank (SEO).

Google's algorithm favours websites that have relevant, high quality and engaging video content embedded.   


You want a bigger ROI from your marketing.

High quality video content often produces a very healthy return on investment, especially when you hire a specialist production company such as Glowfrog.


You want to explain your products clearly.

Are your products or services packed with features, or complicated to explain to potential customers? Video content can communicate their value in an engaging and efficient way. 

You want to stand out from the crowd.

Many of your competitors will be posting low-quality videos, or none at all. Glowfrog can give you an edge and help you to attract more customers.



You spend too much on customer support.

Professional instructional and tutorial videos can improve the customer experience, while reducing your support efforts and costs.

You spend too much on staff training. 

With professional training videos, you can onboard staff and teach new skills much more efficiently. 

You haven’t got time to create videos.

With your time at such a premium, hiring a video production company like Glowfrog will free you to focus on other aspects of your business, while professionals deal with your video marketing. 


Frequently asked questions.

How long until I get the finished video?

Usually within two weeks of filming.


Are editing revisions included?

Our quotes are inclusive of up to two amended edits if required (see T&C).


Do I need to pay anything upfront?

New business clients pay 50% upfront and then the remaining 50% on completion.


Which cameras do you use?

We usually shoot with Sony A7SIII 4K cameras.


Do you work under non-disclosure agreements?

We are happy to work under a NDA if required.


Do you also provide photography services?

Unfortunately not, but we can recommend a photographer on request.


Can you capture drone shots?

Yes, we have a CAA registered and fully insured pilot for capturing drone footage. 

I’m not sure which type of video to choose, can you help?

A good starting point is to view our PortfolioWe can also provide a free consultation.

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