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Talking heads video production

talking heads
video production.

Winners of the Vidsaga Best UK Corporate Video Production Company award, Glowfrog are based in Derby and Nottingham. We provide talking heads, interview and testimonial video production for businesses across the UK.

Vidsaga Best in the UK Gold Colour Award | Glowfrog Video Production
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Our Talking Heads Videography Approach

We believe in the highest standards of corporate videography to ensure that the final output is aligned with the high quality of your company and brand.

Glowfrog are multi-award winners and work with a vast range of companies across the country, such as Marks & Spencer, Mercedes-Benz and Shimano.


Talking heads videos refer to any video in which the subject is talking direct to the viewer about any given topic and we work with several businesses that create regular talking heads videos, such as Create Finance for which we create a series of mortgage advice videos for their YouTube channel.


Interview video production is closely linked to talking heads. We provide a dedicated interviewer for authentic and high quality interview video production, which is especially suitable for corporate event videography and testimonial video production. 

If you’re searching for talking heads video production and looking for the best corporate video production company not just in Derby and Nottingham but across the UK, consider professional videography from Glowfrog.

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Our Talking Heads Video Examples

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Talking Heads Video Production

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