Glowfrog are corporate videography experts
and offer the complete service of planning,
filming and editing, to get the results you want for your business.

Product adverts

Perfect for YouTube adverts, digital billboards, social media and more, a studio product advert showcases your product in a visually engaging way, to draw attention and increase sales.

Talking heads

This classic video style allows potential customers to see you while you speak (unlike a voiceover) - so they're more likely to think you're trustworthy, relatable and knowledgeable - leading to sales.

Brand adverts

An ideal choice for YouTube ads and social media, where you don't have much time to retain the audience. Promote your company or brand quickly and effectively, with a professional brand advert.

Live events

We can cover your live event or presentation and produce either short-form or long-form videos. The above example is from a boxing event in Derby where we were asked to produce a trailer.


Potential customers can learn about your product or service much more quickly and easily with an explainer video. Research by Google shows that 74% of viewers then proceed to purchase.

Tutorials & reviews

A tutorial provides valuable information to potential customers, meaning more people are likely to watch your video. Soft-sell product placement within your tutorial video is often very effective.

Premises tours

This is an especially good option for retailers, estate agents and construction companies. Tour videos give potential customers a real insight to your business, or help to sell the location itself.

How to find us

Is your business tucked away inside a shopping centre or down an alley? Help new customers to find your premises with a 'how to find us' video. Raven Gifts in Belper say this really helped them.

Drone Footage

We can capture beautiful aerial views in 4K resolution and increase the production value of your video, making your business look even more professional. We also offer drone stock footage of previously filmed locations around Derby. Additionally, our pilot is available for hire separately to any other video, should you require - e.g. for construction surveys. We are fully insured including public liability cover and we're CAA registered.

Professional editing

If you already film your own content, but don't have time to edit the videos, hire the corporate video experts to take care of it.

Have another idea?

If you have a specific video idea to help grow your business, get in touch. We also offer training videos, product photography and more...