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Glowfrog is an award-winning video production company based in Derby and Nottingham, providing top-tier event videography for businesses across the UK.

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Our Event Videography Approach

We believe in the highest standards of event video production to ensure that the final output is aligned with the high quality of your brand.

Filming in 4K UHD, we usually capture interviews with relevant people at the event such as the organisers, as well as attendees, and combine this with ‘b-roll’ (overlay shots) of the event which we capture throughout.

The decision to hire a professional event videographer is an investment in your brand's legacy. Choose Glowfrog event video production for an event video that transcends expectations and propels your brand into the spotlight.

We have been hired by big brands and organisations to produce event videos, such as Mercedes-Benz, Marks & Spencer, Team17 and the University of Derby.

Our Event Video Examples

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Glowfrog can provide:
Event Videography
Multiple camera operators to capture the whole event  
Audio capture for live speakers
Full event coverage
Full service with filming and editing
From £800 depending on your needs

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Achieve More Sales Enquiries

A professionally crafted video captures the essence of your brand, showcasing it in a visually compelling manner. When Glowfrog filmed Mercedes-Benz's 70th Anniversary event in Bradford, the resulting video not only celebrated the milestone but effectively conveyed the luxury, sophistication, and heritage associated with the brand. This helped to showcase the dealership and achieve more sales enquiries following online publication of the video.

Get a Wider Reach

An event's impact extends far beyond its physical venue when you hire a video production company to create an event highlights video. A professionally produced video becomes a powerful marketing tool, allowing you to reach a much wider audience than just the people who attended on the day. 

Professional Image

A professional video production company such as Glowfrog brings expertise in cinematography, editing, and storytelling, to produce a premium-grade event highlights video that reflects the high-quality of your brand or organisation. Your brand should be posting high-quality videos if you want to portray a professional image to potential customers. That’s why, for example, the University of Derby hired Glowfrog to produce an event highlight video for their employer celebration event.

Hassle-Free Experience

Planning an event is already a complex task. Entrusting the video production to a company such as Glowfrog allows you to focus on the event's logistics while knowing that the video aspect is in capable hands. From preparation to delivery, Glowfrog makes the entire process seamless.

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