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Glowfrog are winners of the Vidsaga Best UK Corporate Video Production Company. Based in Derby and Nottingham, we provide social media video production for businesses.

Vidsaga Best in the UK Gold Colour Award | Glowfrog Video Production
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Our Social Media Videography Approach

We uphold the highest video production standards to align with the quality of your product or service. If you're looking for social media video production in Derby, Nottingham or across the UK, Glowfrog create award-winning social media videos for businesses.

Businesses should consider hiring a video production company for their social media content to ensure high-quality and engaging videos that align with their brand message. Professional expertise leads to polished content optimised for various platforms, enhancing online presence and driving audience engagement.


We've partnered with industry leaders across Derby, Nottingham, and the UK, tailoring videos for placement on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and all other social media platforms. Our state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge ensures professional quality for your brand, creating the best possible impression on the viewer, which leads to more sales enquiries. 


The process usually begins with a consultation meeting to discuss your goals. From there, we devise a content strategy and filming plan to produce either a single video or multiple social media videos for your brand. We help at every step of the journey and provide pre-production, filming and editing for a complete 5* rated video production service. 

For premier social media video production services, contact Glowfrog today.

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Hi-Capa: Product Promotion
Middy: Product Promotion
Fanta Zero: Product Promotion

Our Social Media Video Production Examples

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Social Media Video Bundles

We provide regular video content packages for social media from as little as £750 per month.

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