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Glowfrog are winners of the Vidsaga Best UK Corporate Video Production Company. Based in Derby and Nottingham, we produce staff training videos for businesses across the UK.  

Vidsaga Best in the UK Gold Colour Award | Glowfrog Video Production
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Our Training Videography Approach

Whether you want to onboard new staff more efficiently with induction videos, or enhance staff knowledge and skills with staff training videos, Glowfrog can help every step of the way with our award-winning training video production services for businesses.

We believe in the highest standards of training videography to ensure that the final output is aligned with the high quality of your product and brand, and communicates the training as effectively as possible.  

We can create any look, style and feel that you wish, to ensure that the video ties in perfectly with your brand and enhances staff knowledge.

If you’re looking for top-rated business training video production in Derby, Nottingham and across the UK, get in touch with Glowfrog today.

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Training Video Production

Producing training videos for both new and existing staff is crucial for businesses to ensure consistent, effective, and scalable training programs. Training videos provide a standardised way of delivering information, ensuring that all employees receive the same message and have access to the same resources. This consistency helps in maintaining uniformity in knowledge and skills across youre organisation, which is particularly essential in industries with stringent regulations or where accuracy is paramount.


Videos are also a highly engaging and accessible medium for learning. They cater to various learning styles and can effectively convey complex in a relatively simple manner. This engagement leads to better retention of information compared to traditional training methods, resulting in more proficient and confident employees.


Moreover, training videos can be accessed anytime, anywhere, making them convenient for employees to revisit whenever they need a refresher or encounter new challenges on the job. This flexibility is especially valuable for remote or distributed teams.


Hiring a professional video production company enhances the effectiveness of training videos. Professionals bring expertise, ensuring high-quality content that reflects positively on your business. We have access to state-of-the-art equipment and techniques that can elevate the production value, making the videos more engaging and impactful. Glowfrog have provided training video production to lots of businesses across the UK and often exceeded client expectations.


Investing in professional training videography ensures that businesses deliver high-quality, engaging, and effective training programs to their staff, leading to improved performance, employee satisfaction, and ultimately, better business outcomes.

Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss your training video production project.

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