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Making Videos on a Phone Costs a LOT More Than You Think

Updated: May 4, 2023

Filming promotional videos on a phone is one of the fastest ways for your business to lose credibility. It’s easy to see why companies adopt this approach, because it seems at face value like it will save a lot of money to film on a phone, rather than paying to hire a video production company. However, filming on a phone - with no knowledge of videography - inevitably leads to the creation of low quality videos, which in turn associates your brand with low quality. You will ultimately pay more in the long-run, when you lose out to competitors who have invested in high quality video marketing. There is a direct correlation between how good your advertising videos are, in terms of production standards, and how the viewer therefore feels about the professionalism of your business and quality of your product. Consequently, making your own videos on a phone will actually result in far fewer sales, as viewers will instead consider your competitor to be a better and more trustworthy choice, based on the quality of their professional promo videos.

About 8 in 10 marketers think that high quality videos directly increase sales.

86% of marketing professionals reported that they use video as a marketing tool - 78% of which considered videos to be responsible for a direct increase in sales.[1] These marketers are the ones who hired a specialist video production company, rather than those who tried to cut corners and ‘do it on the cheap’ by filming on a phone. Hiring a production company isn’t as expensive as you might think. You could get a mini-series of videos for YouTube, a complete explainer video for your website, or a high-impact social media advert, all made to exceptional standards, for around £1000 or even less – depending which production company you choose. Glowfrog offer the best rates across the Midlands for premium grade business videos and they specialise in corporate style video production. Make high quality video marketing your priority and get a free consultation using the quick form below.

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